Hot and cold

Actually, there’s not much cold to go around at the moment, but over the last couple of weeks we’ve had plenty of heat!

An unexpected bok choi seedling!

An unexpected bok choi seedling! (Featuring bug damage.)

Parts of the garden really love it, and are well ahead of where they’d usually be – though some plants are stubbornly sticking to their schedule. That’s all good – we have food for now, and should also have food for later. I’m particularly excited at the idea of having home-grown potatoes on Christmas Day (the second year we’ll have achieved this).

However the persistent warm spell does mean we haven’t planted any lettuces. Despite being a staple of summer salads, there’s just no point when the heat would encourage them to bolt straight to seed. We need more shady places to grow in summer – and while we have a couple of spots in mind, there aren’t garden beds ready just yet.

The heat (and blazing sunshine) has meant I’m trying to get out in the garden morning and evening, but spending the middle of the day inside. I’m also trying to cook fewer things that require a lot of extra heat, while still eating things prepared at home.

A particular focus has been including our eggs wherever we can, since all the girls are laying like machines (though the eggs from our Brown Shavers are starting to show signs of their mothers’ age).

Today is meant to be a little cooler, thanks to some cloud cover. I should get out and transplant some seedlings that have popped up too densely (another positive side effect of the particularly nice weather). Maybe I’ll do that after another cup of coffee…

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