Successes! …Mostly

This week could probably best be summed up as a series of small steps – mostly forwards.

Vegetables of our labour - thinned carrotsI gave our carrots their second round of thinning, and this time some were large enough to set aside for eating. The bunnies seemed to appreciate fresh home-grown carrot tops, and hopefully tonight we’ll enjoy the fruits (or rather, vegetables) of our labour.

While I don’t classify our attempt to grow lettuces from seedlings as a screaming success, out of the six original plants, our two survivors are starting to heart up. Adding to them, however, the lettuces direct sown in the main vegetable garden have sprouted like weeds. I tried transplanting several that were being crowded out, and while not many (if any) of them seem likely to survive, we should get some lovely home grown salads out of the ones that now have more space.

Our dwarf beans are a sadder story – they did well in the greenhouse, transplanted nicely into the garden, then all got dug up by our dog (Tilly)… The odds of having any survivors aren’t great, and though we’ve direct sown more, they haven’t shown their heads above soil level yet… Sometimes Tilly is lucky she’s so darn cute!

Inside, we have an incubator of fertilized eggs humming away, as we try and hatch some Rhode Island Red chickens. How this happened is a long(ish) story, but we have found a good home for any roosters (which aren’t allowed under our local council’s bylaws). We may rehome any hens as well, depending on how well they’d mix with our existing Brown Shavers. In the meantime, it’s an interesting lesson in hatching chicks.

Finally, there’s just one week until Christmas, which means it’ll soon be harvest time for more of our produce – including new potatoes for Christmas day.

We’ve already started thinking about what we’ll plant next summer – onions, garlic, parsnip and beetroot, along with more potatoes, carrots and lettuces, for a start!

– G

One thought on “Successes! …Mostly

  1. WOW! Those thinned out carrots are big! Lucky bunnies that will get some of the fruits of your labour 🙂
    Great that you have done so much and enjoyed your learning so muich over the first 12 months in your lovely home. Well done and keep it up 🙂 Gardening gives you the chance to enjoy thinking time, exercise, relaxation and enjoyment of success. Your delight in what you are doing is obvious 🙂

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