Fronting up

Over the last week we’ve gone from having more garden ideas than planting space, to having so many garden options I’m not sure what to do with them all.

Last weekend we finally got the second part of our big vegetable garden dug in – now there’s just compost to add, and it’ll be ready to plant. Meanwhile, our attention has moved to the front of our section, where we’ve set up a raised bed for rhubarb.

We followed the same cardboard/straw/litter/compost method as for our herb garden, and we think it fits with the space so well, we bought two more identical frames which are now waiting to be put together. I’m almost at the point of urging our rabbits and chickens to poop faster, since the main bottleneck is getting their natural fertiliser…

In addition to growing more of our own food, these raised beds are bringing our project from the back of our house to the front. It’s becoming more obvious that we’re working our land, and raises the likelihood that this blog isn’t the only thing initiating conversations about what we’re doing.

I think we’ll have a good story to tell.


(PS – I’m really interested in the solar tiles unveiled by Tesla yesterday – depending on their performance, this is much nicer than adding big bricks of PV panels on top of your roof!)

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