What a difference

What a difference a year makes. This time 12 months ago, we were heading out each weekend to look at open homes, searching through property websites, and trying to figure out how much we could (or would) spend to get a place of our own.

In a few weeks we’ll celebrate a year since signing the sale and purchase agreement on this house – and almost everything has changed since then.

We're expecting a good crop from our cat tree this year...

We’re expecting a good crop from our cat tree this year…

Not only have we got a car and another cat, but we’ve renovated and repaired – quite a lot for a single year, actually – put in gardens, added a small brood of chickens, and made progress on all the things we’ve documented on this blog.

The next few weeks will rush by in a blur. J’s family have lots of birthdays coming up, there’s Christmas planning to do, and we’re approaching the traditional weekend when people plant as much as is humanly possible in the garden. The next thing we know, the year will have come and gone, but with a whole lot to show for it.

None of it is really what I would have guessed while racing between open homes, 12 months ago.

What a difference a year makes.


One thought on “What a difference

  1. Well done guys!
    You have made a difference and accomplished much 🙂
    You should be proud of what you have managed to do together 🙂
    Happy birthday to all James’ family that are about to have birthdays and we look forward to seeing you and all the changes you have made soon.

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