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I’ve recently read a few fantastic books on gardening, which I’d recommend. In fact, that’s what I’m about to do…

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Gardening with kids

Gardening with kids (by Catherine Woram and Martyn Cox) is a really interesting book for new gardeners, particularly those who are discovering gardening alongside their children. As well as information about choosing a site, preparing your soil and getting the garden growing, each chapter suggests creative projects to keep you and your children involved.

Growing Vegetables year-round (by Dennis Greville) is another great introductory guide written for New Zealand seasons and soils, and suitable whether your garden is in the ground or in pots. It covers off all the popular and easy to grow vegetables, with a handy monthly gardening guide to help keep everything on track. I really appreciated the comprehensive section with information on each plant, including what sun and soil conditions they like, and how to handle common pests or diseases.

Ginny’s Herb Handbook (by Ginny Clayton) was more specialised, though as an inexperienced herb gardener, it was still very easy to read and understand – and will no doubt be of great use in the future! This book not only has information about how to grow a wide range of herbs, but contains recipes for cooking with them, and details on traditional herbal treatments. Written for New Zealand and Australian conditions, if you’re interested in herbs this is a great place to start!

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  1. Better weather for reading than for gardening at the moment :-O
    WE are so glad that we got the garden up to scratch before the rain returned and soaked everything again. I am waiting for long periods of sustained sunshine :-O Sigh!

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