I can’t believe it is butter!

Yesterday we made butter for the first time, using the Chef’n Buttercup.

It’s possible to make butter using an electric mixer, but I heard about this (supposedly easy) gadget which just requires shaking – and decided to give it a go.

Home made butterThe Buttercup really is straightforward to use – just pour in a cup of cream, shake it vigorously for 3 minutes, pour off your buttermilk, add some water and shake again (a step we omitted), then pour off the water and remove your butter.

The only slightly troublesome part of this was the shaking. Three minutes of shaking feels like a long time (especially when we skip ‘arm day’ at the gym). That said, we were easily able to manage it between us, and could feel the cream turning to butter as we went.

Out of the one cup of cream we got 114 grams of butter and a quarter cup of buttermilk (which I’ve used in oatmeal pancakes this morning). A reasonably good return, I think.

The butter looks like a decent whipped butter should – nice and yellow, with a light fluffy texture at first. It’s solidified well in the fridge overnight, and tastes like regular unsalted butter (you can add salt before refrigerating).

Financially, making our own butter doesn’t really work out, even though it’s very expensive in supermarkets at the moment (around $1.25 per 100 grams).

Out of a litre of cream (costing approximately $7) you’d get around 400 grams of butter (about $1.75 per 100 grams). However I can definitely see us mixing in chopped home grown chives, parsley or garlic to make special blends completely from scratch, which would definitely add some extra satisfaction value.

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  1. I was thinking about how expensive butter is in the shops now. Then you explained the difference and cost very well. But what a brilliant idea for the different types of specialist butters. Very good idea!!!!!!!!

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