We were away most of this week on a road trip. From Wellington, J drove us to Lake Taupo on Monday, then Auckland on Tuesday, to see my parents on Wednesday, then back to Lake Taupo Thursday, before arriving home late on Friday.

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It was a long way, many hours in the car (more than a few of them spent singing along to Spotify) and a great time. We saw quite a few friends and family members (including a couple of new babies), patted lots of dogs, and generally had a good break from the routine of home.

We had a wonderful house sitter and amazing people to look after our animals, and without that kind of help, we wouldn’t be able to go away for long at all.

One of the signs I’ve spent the right amount of time away is when I really enjoy being home again. Now we’re back, the hunt for the right day job continues, along with making progress on some of the other projects we’ve been wanting to do.

Keep watching this space…

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