New beginnings

Welcome to our new website at, though hopefully it looks and feels familiar enough that you’ll hardly notice the difference.

I’ve finished up at my (now former) day job, and am getting stuck into some of the many things we would like to make progress on. Several of those relate to this site, and over the next few weeks you’ll notice more changes, in addition to the new domain name. There are also upgrades you probably won’t see, but which will help me run the site better and more easily in future.

Just a few days into my funemployment, our gardens have already been on the receiving end of a lot of weeding – particularly the main vegetable patch, which was trying its best to revert to lawn. We allowed a couple of plants that have done particularly well to go to seed (I’ll write a post at some stage on seed saving), and our cavolo nero flowers in particular have been doing a good job attracting bees.

Bumblebee on cavolo nero

Although our gardens are no longer tiny by suburban standards, I’ve finally finished Janet Luke’s book “Embrace your Space”, which J bought me last Christmas. It was fantastic – a quick and easy read, with step-by-step instructions to start growing in small spots like windowsills, balconies or courtyards, and it gives a solid introduction to systems like hydroponics.

Spring is a traditional time for new beginnings – and whether I look at the world around us, my daily routine or this site, changes and new beginnings are in full swing.

One thought on “New beginnings

  1. Great start to spring.
    Super pic of the Broccoli flowers ?? and the bee. Maybe bees and honey and a sheep to eat your grass are on the list for the future 😉

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