Time on my hands

Tilly, our Shih-tzu mini poodle

Tilly will be especially excited to see more of me!

Next week, my current day job will come to an end. I am looking at some potential new roles – there will need to be something new at some point – but it’s also quite nice to have a little bit of time on my hands.

I wouldn’t call it “spare time”, because there’s plenty to keep me busy for a few days or weeks – or years! Yesterday I saw this great t-shirt online, which roughly sums up my future plans (alas, retirement is many years away).

Even when I do go to a new role, summer’s longer daylight hours mean I’ll soon be able to squeeze in a couple of household chores at either end of the working day.

No doubt a lot of this time will be spent in the garden – planting, weeding and harvesting. Summer brings with it more work to do, as well as more hours to do it.

However I also have plans for this blog and, depending on other variables, some new small projects alongside it.

One of the things we’ve started doing is posting photos to our new Instagram account. Check it out for more pictures of what we’re up to!

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  1. Your garden will be coming into shape and it is the right time to be doing it as the weather seems to have turned the corner. Shhhhhhhhhh I had better not say that too loudly as things may change yet again :-O

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