What’s on my ‘weekend to do’ list?

'To do' listI make a lot of lists. I have shopping lists, lists of things to do before taking holidays, lists of what I want to do when I’m on holiday, lists of things we like to eat – a list for most things. I’ve even considered making a list of lists, so I can keep track of them all!

But one of my most important lists is the ‘weekend to do’ list. This makes sure I cover off all the essential jobs each week, and let me make incremental progress on some longer-term goals. So what’s currently on my ‘weekend to do’ list?

The core list (which seldom changes):

  • Ironing – this is my least favourite job, so it’s at the top of the list to encourage me to do it. Then once it’s done, I get the satisfaction of seeing it ticked off for the rest of the weekend
  • J’s cleaning job – J does some weekend cleaning work, I go with him (and usually lend a hand). Having it on my list makes sure we remember to do it
  • Vacuum – we have 3 long-haired cats, so regular vacuuming is essential…
  • Mow the lawns – I don’t do this every week, particularly during winter, but it’s a good reminder to at least see whether it’s necessary, and check if the weather will play ball
  • Wash the car – as with mowing the lawns, this isn’t something I need to do every week
  • Clean kitchen benches and stove
  • Mop the bathroom floor
  • Clean the bathroom sink and mirror
  • Clean the toilet
  • Wash clothes – I do what I can during the week, but there’s usually one or two loads to go through our washing machine each weekend
  • Work reading – there’s usually some work-related reading I don’t get through in the week
  • Hand wash dishes – almost everything goes in the dishwasher, but once a week I try and tidy up anything else
  • Clean the animal enclosures – the chicken coop, rabbit enclosure and rat cages all need regular cleaning. We often do this during the week, but having it on my list means I check on everyone at least once in the weekend
  • Sort recycling
  • Empty the kitchen compost bin
  • Post to the blog
  • Clean out the car – sort out any rubbish, water bottles, etc that might have been left behind
  • Refill water bottles – we drink a lot of water, and refill/reuse the bottles
  • Lie down and do nothing – this is actually the most important thing on this list, as it gives me license to actually take a break!

The additional list (one-off or more occasional jobs):

  • Watch [whatever tv series I’m behind on – currently Vikings and Mr Robot]
  • Prepare the blueberry garden
  • Weed the vegetable garden
  • Decluttering
  • Sort clothes drawers – this falls somewhere between decluttering, and reviewing what we have that’s suitable for summer
  • Baking – I haven’t baked much for a long time, it’s definitely time to put that right
  • Book pickup of our green waste bin – we compost most things, but nightshade, thistles and any noxious weeds go into a green waste bin
  • Plant our new dwarf nectarine – this will probably get mentioned in another blog post soon!

That all keeps me fairly busy, but does mean things are reset and ready to go for each new week. What else would be on your ‘weekend to do’ list?

One thought on “What’s on my ‘weekend to do’ list?

  1. WOW! And I thought I had a big ‘To Do List’! But you are so much more organised than I am :-O
    No wonder you are so successful in life. But you do have rahter a lot to do. Good job you got a lie down and do nothing job on your list.
    Try to do more relaxing. I know it is easier said than done.
    Good luck anyway.

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