We’ve affiliated with Book Depository

I’ve been considering for a while whether to sign up for either the Book Depository or Amazon affiliate programme. We’ve finally made the call, and joined with Book Depository.

From now on, whenever you follow a link from our blog to buy at Book Depository, we’ll get a 5% commission to help keep our project (and this site) going.

Signing up with Amazon would have let us refer people to a much wider range of products (including ebooks, DVDs and tools), however we personally prefer Book Depository, and decided to recommend that you use the same great online retailer we do.

It won’t cost you any extra to buy through our affiliate links and, aside from helping our project, there are three great reasons we recommend you do:

  • Book Depository has great discounts over ‘bricks and mortar’ shops
  • they charge in New Zealand dollars, meaning you don’t pay extra foreign exchange fees
  • shipping (even for just one book) is free.

If you haven’t checked out Book Depository’s site before, you can head there now.

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository

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