Two weeks

In my day job, I’ve had an incredible 12 or so months. That’s “incredible” in the dictionary sense – hard to believe. It’s been one of those years that’s well described as “character building”.

Flat battery - time to recharge!

So I’m taking a couple of weeks off – time to recharge, reflect and rebuild. Mostly I’ll be near home, working on some projects here and spending time visiting other blogs (as well as writing on this one). I look forward to rediscovering the community of people who are on a similar journey to us, and picking up some new ideas and inspiration along the way.

We’ll also be spending a night at a tiny house that J spotted on Air BnB. I’m super excited – we’ve been inspired by the tiny house movement so much over the last few years, but this will be our first time actually staying in one. I’m sure there will be a post all about that.

The weather (as always) is supposed to be temperamental and challenging – but I’ll be using whatever opportunities I can to advance things inside and out, while getting the break I need.

One thought on “Two weeks

  1. Have a good rest, recharge your batteries and be ready for the challenges ahead.LIfe is not too bad 🙂
    Lok forward to hearing about your lile house visit. No I don’t mean the toilet ;-O

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