Switching off

Off switchAs I noted on Sunday, the freezing winter weather has meant our power bill in the last couple of weeks is ridiculous – especially by our standards.

The easiest way to save power is to simply turn off appliances (including phone/laptop chargers) when you’re not using them. We can be a little hit-and-miss on that, but here are 5 other ways we try and save on our electricity bill:

  1. We keep an eye on our daily and weekly power spend. I’m a believer in ‘what you can’t measure, you can’t manage’, so this helps us see how we’re tracking and what activity is draining the national grid.
  2. We switched to LED lights through almost the whole house – read our post about ‘taking the power back’.
  3. We use heat pumps to keep the house warm (and sometimes, in summer, to keep it cool). These are energy efficient, and don’t add large amounts of moisture to the air.
  4. We dry clothes outside when we can. When we can’t, we use a drier. Sadly, the drier has had far too much use this winter!
  5. We changed our hot water from electricity to on-demand gas. Hot water is about 20% of the average household’s electricity bill – with our on-demand gas, we’re only heating the water we need, when we need it. What’s more, we were able to get our gas connected for free.

What other ways do you save power?

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