She’s a bit cold, Trev

What’s happened in the last couple of weeks? Not much around home, I’m afraid…

The winter weather is punishing, and with all the normal electricity drains plus both heat pumps running, power is costing us up to $11 a day (we use Powershop, which lets us see daily use/cost and a few other nifty analytical things). That’s more than twice our normal winter power bill, which shows how much heating we’re having to do!

The good thing is, we’re warm and dry. I’m glad we don’t need to worry too much about having a secure roof over our heads (no small feat in one of the world’s windiest capital cities) or staying warm.

Outside, our lawns desperately need to be mown. I think in future we might get a lawnmowing service in a couple of times during the winter, so the grass stays under control without damaging our own mower.

The chickens are also feeling it – their coop is a mud pit, and we’ll have to do something over summer to improve drainage in there (we’re thinking of planting taproots and bringing in some gravel and sand, both of which should break up the soil and help rainwater move away from the surface).

There’s a classic New Zealand song about gumboots, and at the moment it roughly sums up how I feel every time I go outside. The ground is so wet and soft that without our gumboots, we’d be in real trouble.

2 thoughts on “She’s a bit cold, Trev

  1. Sounds like you have had winter which we recognise too. So pleased that you are warm and that you are not afraid to use your heat pumps. Love how you plan to improve the hens living conditions. Sounds like you have researched and got some good ideas that will work for your Wellgton situation.
    Well done and good luck. Hope you have better weather next week.

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