Three things

Thinking back now, three things have dominated the week.

First, Babs – one of our chickens – died. There were no obvious signs of illness or injuries, so we suspect natural causes. Babs was only about 3 years old – around halfway through her expected lifespan – but she’s one of two girls who haven’t been laying since about April, and had noticeably slipped down the pecking order in the coop.

It’s sad, and we’ll miss her.

The second thing is that Jon Snow – our big bunny – is sick. J noticed he’d lost a lot of weight, and his breathing was fast and laboured. A couple of vet visits later, we’d ruled out a heart problem (thankfully) and have medication for a lung infection. He seems to be putting a bit of weight back on already, which is great.

Thirdly, I’ve managed to pick up the cold that’s been going around. I tried hard to avoid it, but here we are – wrapped up, medicated and feeling mostly miserable.

Despite all those, however, we’ve managed to get a few small jobs done around the house, and it’s not all as depressing and dismal as it might sound. A bit of pottering around while not feeling 100 percent all adds up to something quite helpful – and in just a few more weeks I’ll have more certainty about what the future holds, and the start of summer to enjoy.


One thought on “Three things

  1. Poor Babs. RIP
    Hope your bunny gets better soon too, but more importantly, hope you get better soon.
    I took note of your 22 things and we got some timns from biscuits we received at Christmas and the kindy were delighted to get them for games and lego etc that the original boxes are not strong enough for the treatment they get from pre-schoolers. So a win-win situation 🙂
    Keep up the good work and I hope this week proves to be a much better one all round for you J and the pets 🙂

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