Settling down

I don’t know if we found 25 things to donate/recycle/dispose of last weekend. In fact, we haven’t made the trip to donate what we did decide we could do without, so technically we’re still at zero.

However, it does feel a lot more organised and nicer around here. I’m not completely sure why – we’ve rearranged bookshelves and cupboards so things work better, and maybe that’s enough for now. I appreciate how long it takes to really settle into a place – it requires much more than unpacking the moving boxes for a house to become an established home. I think we’re still working through some of that, as we slowly realize the potential we saw when we bought this place.

The days are officially getting longer again, and maybe knowing the seasons are changing is also having an effect on me. Whatever it is, I won’t argue!

I hope we actually get enough of a break from rain (and wind) soon for me to copper spray the fruit trees. Copper is a harsh treatment, but it’s supposed to stop leaf curl (although we still had a bit of it last year), and it’s better than inorganic alternatives.

We’re feeding the chickens lots of protein at the moment, getting them ready to go back into lay as the daylight hours increase. We’re getting between one and three eggs a day at the moment, and I’m looking forward to when the Rhode Island Reds who hatched at new year start producing.

Anyway, it feels like things are settling down a little – no doubt not for long (because change is a constant and I hate to stand still), but right now, it’s quite nice.


One thought on “Settling down

  1. Gosh it is Wednesday and I didn’t realise that another weekend has gone by. Mind you I was busy with stamp club and preparing for all my other clubs this week. So I have only just read your blog and realised that another week has come and gone :-O I was telling someone about your 25 things last week and wondered about us doing that. But we have so much more to choose from 😉 Have a good week and in another few days it will be the weekend again :-O

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