Busy today, busy tomorrows

It’s been another productive weekend so far, with most of the housework done, and garlic planted in one of the raised beds. Last week I wrote about planting garlic in the main garden, but all the bok choi I transplanted seems to have taken well, so space is starting to be at a premium.

I even dreamed about starting seedlings last night, a clear sign of what’s on my mind.

With the weather decidedly wintry this weekend, there’s not likely to be much extra time to spend in the garden today (we were lucky to plant the garlic between downpours). Hopefully I can do another round of “25 Things” instead – there must be opportunities to free up a little more space by taking a second look at some of the stuff we’ve accumulated.

J and I have spent a lot of time this winter looking at what we’d like to do with the house over the next few years, and developing a list of priorities. Hopefully over the next couple of months we’ll be able to start putting concrete plans in place for some of the most important things – but the full list will keep us busy for a while yet!


One thought on “Busy today, busy tomorrows

  1. Oh dear, the weather is still being a pain although I see you still managae to get the things done that you plan on doing. Even if it means waiting for the breaks in the weather. WEll done!
    I see you are planning to have a priority list of things to work on shortly. Guess these are taken from the long list of jobs you would LIKE to do 🙂
    I should try the 25 things to help get some of my ‘STUFF’ whittled down so you wont have such a big job when the time comes son 😉
    I have been working on my stamps from Great Britain. I only have a biggish envelope to soak and then I can put them into my album and I can see what I have left to collect to fill up the spaces. It seems to be a good time to take them away to do as the house work isn’t as time consuming when we are away 😉
    Have a good week. Look forward to hearing how you get on when you write your blog next week 🙂

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