Slow and steady

It’s been a topsy turvy week, but I have an extra long weekend and spent most of Saturday catching up on sleep, so things are getting better.

The main achievement so far this weekend has been setting up the rest of our strawberry garden. We built most of this garden bed back in January, but were waiting for our existing strawberry plants to finish fruiting before moving them. Finally, they’ve almost come to a halt, so we’ve built up the rest of the bed and shifted them across.

Completed strawberry garden

Since this photo was taken, I’ve weeded most of the main vegetable garden, which was at risk of turning back into lawn. After removing 3 buckets full of mostly grass (good bonus food for the chickens), our kale, brassicas and silverbeet should have less competition for soil nutrients.

We don’t have too much else lined up for the rest of the weekend – I’ve read a NZ Gardener magazine (so now I’m only one month behind), and been slowly but steadily pottering around the house. That’s roughly my plan for the next couple of days, as well.

– G

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