Bedroom (almost) complete and turning into a pumpkin

Plastering and painting in our bedroom was completed this week, and we’ve moved back in. The electrician still has to finish fitting our new power points, but it’s such a great feeling to have at least one room which is practically perfect.


Outside in the garden, we’ve been considering what to do with our pumpkins. The vine has died off, but the seeds we planted – despite being saved from a Crown pumpkin – have given us fruit that look distinctly like buttercup squash.

It’s quite likely they could be Crowns that simply haven’t had the sun or the warmth to mature – and cutting one open, they don’t have the well developed seedy centre, which gives this possibility extra weight. However, I also wonder whether they could be a cross-bred variety that’s reverted.

Either way, we’ll roast some up and see. We’ve only got five pumpkins of small to medium size, but considering the seed was free and they were so easy to grow, that’s an acceptable haul.

It’s been a cold week, and while we haven’t actually had a frost yet, our mint is dying back (it really doesn’t like the cold). We’ve invested in some frost cloth for the citrus trees, and hopefully can get that on today.


One thought on “Bedroom (almost) complete and turning into a pumpkin

  1. Ah yes, not empty now and looking lived in 🙂 WEll done 🙂
    Let us know how the pumpkin/squash goes. Sounds like they should be ok.
    All going well so keep up the good work 🙂

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