Mini-makeover, kitchen edition

The saying goes that “good things come in threes” – but two is enough for me. We can’t be greedy, after all.

Maybe it’s inspiration leaking out as our bedroom is plastered and painted, or perhaps it’s just that we got sick of the salmon colour, but we’ve repainted the walls in our kitchen.

The difference was immediate. In fact, even the coat of primer looked better than the original.

Before (right) and after (left).

Colour difference – Before (right) and after (left).

We haven’t done the ceiling, trim or the drawers/cupboard doors yet, but that will happen soon. At the moment, it’s just the walls. And they’re glorious.

We’ve used leftover paint from the living room and big bedroom – the spaces we painted before moving in. It’s Dulux “Half St Clair”, and we’ll probably do the trim in our leftover Dulux “Okarito”, but spray paint the drawers and cabinets in something new and bright.

The quality of our painting isn’t as good as a professional job (not even a half-professional job, really), but it’s not meant to last forever. Our plan – in a few years’ time – is to replace the kitchen entirely, including making some structural changes, so this is just to hold us over until then.

One of two top coats - much lighter and brighter!

With one of two top coats on, it was already lighter and brighter. Still to do – the ceiling, trim and drawers/cabinets!

Today we should look at installing the magnetic knife blocks we got from Ikea, and hanging some nice colourful artwork. Even now, though, it’s a much lighter, more pleasant space to be in.


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  1. Wow! Going like a steam train. We didn’t see that coming. I have to agree that it does look a lot better. So well done you 🙂

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