Be prepared

Over the last few days we’ve been hunkered down for what was supposed to be a record-breaking storm, as a tropical cyclone headed our way.

Hype danger - HighCyclones tend to run out of gas before getting to New Zealand, but the hype level on this one was extreme, and it did end up causing some nasty damage in parts of the country. For us, though, it only meant a lot of rain and a bit of wind – but nothing that seemed worse than we had a dozen times during summer.

I get frustrated at the way media hype bad weather. It’s an easy story for journalists, and fear sells. However, not every approaching front means we need to start building an ark, and the risk we run is that when especially bad weather does actually threaten, people will be complacent.

Thankfully, almost everyone did seem to be prepared, at least this time.


One thought on “Be prepared

  1. YOu seem to be of the same mind as Dad about the media hype. Glad you didn’t get it as bad as expected though.
    Did you see Pat’s fb pic that I shared too. Thumbs up in the water with a comment ?

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