25 Things

I almost got bored this morning, which never happens (there’s always something I can/should be doing). So I set myself a challenge.

Recently I’ve been feeling stressed about the amount of stuff we’ve been building up, so I challenged myself to find 25 things I could donate, recycle or throw away (preferably in that order).

I’ve found more than 40. They include:

  • 2 trenchcoats that don’t fit me (and coming into winter, I’m sure someone else would really appreciate these)
  • 3 business shirts I won’t ever wear (for varying reasons of fit/ugliness/damage)
  • 3 jumpers I also won’t wear
  • 18ish DVDs and blu-rays we won’t watch again (and if we did, I also have digital copies of most of them)
  • 2 books, one of which we have two copies of, while the other is damaged beyond readability
  • 2 salt and pepper shaker sets we don’t and won’t use
  • 6ish kitchen utensils we have multiple of and/or won’t use
  • 4 CDs I never play – and I don’t even remember what’s on them
  • 2 bus/train timetables which are out of date and never used
  • 6 other random one-off things we don’t need

They’re each small things, but they make a good difference.

– G

2 thoughts on “25 Things

  1. Please come and help me with sorting out my stuff :-O I find it hard to do anything with my stuff if it is still useable :-O Well done in making a difference to your collected stuff! I used to do it for my Mom but I find it hard to do these days. Maybe because it is my STUFF!

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