Winter is coming

We hardly had any summer to speak of this year. Our tomatoes rotted away before they had a chance to ripen, and several of our lettuces have been similarly undone by the rain. The media termed it a “bummer summer”, and now we’re officially well into autumn.

Curly kale

The early curly kale has flourished, and needs thinning!

The telltale signs of a changing season are in evidence around the garden, and we’ve started preparing for a switch to winter crops. Our new season’s kale has sprouted and is doing well, while cauliflower and bok choi seeds are in the ground.

Yesterday I mowed the front and back lawns, possibly for the last time in a while. We only needed to mow once or twice last winter, which was fortunate, since there weren’t many days when the ground was dry.

Hopefully today I’ll  clean out the chicken coop, and remove the decomposing loose organic matter that in winter will turn into problematic mud. We also need to clean out the treadle feeder to stop it from clogging up – a piece of maintenance we have to undertake more often.

It’s also time to harvest some of our ample herbs, and either use or preserve them. We’ve got a particularly lush bed of chives, which I’ll mix with butter and freeze, a combination perfect for adding into scrambled eggs.

Our usually reliable supply of eggs, however, have become more of a precious commodity this week. The girls gave us two eggs yesterday, and just one in each of the two days before that. This is a logical moulting/slowdown time for the chickens, so we’re not too concerned, but as we move into the season for comfort food, we also don’t want to run out!


One thought on “Winter is coming

  1. We caught up on your blog after time away ourselves 🙂 We also had trouble with our lettuces but luckilly our tomatoes were early and in a sheltered spot so we did harvest quite a crop. YOu don’t have much opportunity to plant yours in a sheltered spot but maybe if you ever replace your shed, you may be able to position another shed to advantage. You have done so much so well already, I am sure you will think outside the box to take advantage of any improvements you feel necessary to improve your crops. But hopefully we wont have such a rubbish summer again and you can keep doing what you are doing so well 🙂

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