Chicken dealing

Today I feel like a chicken dealer. We’ve had 6 chickens arrive from J’s parents (the last of their flock) and 5 of them have departed again, heading first to a friend’s house, then the Big Coop in the Sky.

We’ve kept one chick from J’s parents, who hatched around the same time as ours, and is definitely a hen. She’ll help take over laying duties from some of our older girls eventually.

One of our original Brown Shaver girlsIt’s also about time for our chicks to graduate from eating chick crumble to pullet food (the intermediate step before they’re ready to start laying, and go on the high-protein mix that gives them extra nutrition). After a week of almost summer conditions, the weather has gotten pretty unpleasant though, so cleaning everything out and switching them over might need to wait another day or two…


One thought on “Chicken dealing

  1. Been catching up on the last couple of weeks since we were away. Love the Wed quote about who you share the house with and also love the letters on the wall above the mantle. So the chickens have been keeping you busy lately. Full steam ahead again no doubt and you can’t say they haven’t been worth their keep 😉

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