Inside jobs

While we’ve poured a lot of time and energy over the last few months into the gardens outside, there hasn’t been much progress on projects inside the house, other than
when necessity forced our hand (such as getting the bathroom fan replaced).

In fact, since we moved in, we’ve transformed the outdoors part of our section, but there hasn’t been much visible difference at all inside.

We’re looking at changing that, and have either started or scoped up a number of relatively small jobs which will make all the difference to us.

The bedroom wallpaper's coming offFirstly, J has stripped the top layer of wallpaper in our bedroom, and begun removing the lower layers back to the gib board. Because we intend to paint the walls – rather than to apply new wallpaper – we’ll get a skim coat of plaster applied, so the paint can go onto a smooth, even surface.

We’re also getting quotes from electricians to fix a couple of small annoying things such as broken light switches, and removing the dimmer lights in the big bedroom. We’ll also replace our outside sensor lights with a more energy-efficient LED unit.

There are still plenty of big, chunky outdoors things to happen – particularly removing the shed, lowering the chimney and painting the roof. However, while we save money for those, we can also address some of the easier (and relatively less expensive) things inside, that give us a sense of continuing progress.


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