The haven

This week I’ve really appreciated our home as a place of relative stability and calm – a haven from the busy-ness of the world outside.

Coming back to our animals, relaxing, enjoying quiet dinners, then sleeping in our own bed – sometimes the simplest things help to offset external stresses.

Between some long days and inclement weather, I don’t have much to update about the house this week – the garden needs weeding, and lawns need mowing, but both can wait a few more days.

Today I’m just going to enjoy the relative calm.


One thought on “The haven

  1. And so you should have a rest on your birthday 🙂 So pleased that you bought your own house and have someone to share your life with. That adds up to happiness, support and someone to share things with 🙂 So you two have a lot to be happy about and we are pleased for you both 🙂

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