Keeping track

In my travels around Pinterest, Facebook and the other blogs I follow, I see quite a lot of ways that people keep track of what they’re planting, harvesting, buying, spending and using.

It seems like a great idea – particularly recording things like when we plant, what we plant, where we put it and how that turns out. Or even simple details like how many eggs our girls lay each day, so we can track and maybe predict their less productive weeks.

But keeping track requires a kind of daily routine I haven’t developed yet.

I’m not sure why I find it so hard, because I’m an almost fanatical list-maker. Shopping, housework, my day job, upcoming house projects – I have lists for everything, and I mark off what’s achieved and what’s yet to be done.

But do I keep track of things outside? Nope.

This blog is one attempt to maintain a record of what we’ve done, what worked and what didn’t. I think it’s mostly successful – and yes, writing for this blog is on a list of things I work through every weekend.

I’m going to take the next step by printing off some forms to keep track of how many eggs we get. Having a physical piece of paper in the cupboard where we store the eggs would be a handy reminder to note down the number of our yolky delights.

If that fails, I guess this post will be my reminder that lists don’t always work.


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