Strawberry fields

Yesterday’s stunning weather gave us a chance to get out in the garden and make another of the improvements we’ve been looking at for some time – extending our strawberry patch.

This summer we’ve grown about 10 strawberry plants in tyres, and we’re still picking a handful of berries every couple of days. However we haven’t had enough to stop us needing to buy the occasional punnet, so we decided to prepare a bigger area for next year.

Since the current strawberry patch seems to meet the plants’ requirements for warmth and sun, it was logical to just extend it to run the whole length of the main vegetable garden above. Two 2.4 meter macrocarpa sleepers form our edging, and we’ve made the whole bed about 80cm wide. That means we can fit the existing tyres inside, so we don’t have to disturb the producing plants, but can easily transplant them once they finish fruiting.

Inside the bed, we’ve got thick cardboard to keep weeds out, then we’re making use of the waste from our animals by layering wood chips with chicken poo mixed in and hay from our rabbits. We’ve also used the first of our homemade compost from last year, and a layer of store-bought compost is on top.

Strawberry bed, showing existing tyres

It’s great seeing what could be considered as rubbish instead being used for good growing, and we’ve already pulled the longest runners across from our existing plants to take root. Today we should plant some runners that J’s mum has given us, so the whole bed can hopefully be solidly established by wintertime.

While J loves a wide range of fruit (and particularly stonefruit), strawberries are one of the few fruits that I particularly enjoy. We’re both looking forward to having an abundant supply of our own in future!


2 thoughts on “Strawberry fields

  1. Dad and I have enjoyed seeing your extended strawberry area. You sure are doing heaps and it seems to be paying off. All your recycling of the animal waste is being used to enhance your garden and doing things the way you have, you have been able to see what works where 🙂
    The fruit trees are producing well as is your actual main garden. How is your rhubarb? Guess that is doind well too out the front 🙂 I freeze some and eat some with cereal in the morning or rhubarb and ice-cream is yummy Charmaine said 🙂 The frozen containers full, are used in the winter, on dominion pudding and sometimes I add apples and have rhubarb and apple crumble. Apples are hard to get at the moment because it has been too cold for them to ripen as soon as they usually do apparently. I bought 2 apples that looked like seconds and they were 46c each!!!!!!!!! I found out yesterday when I read the lable, that the kiwi fruit we bought had a sticker on to say that they were from Italy!!!!!!!!!! Urgh! We should plant our own 😉
    Keep up the good work. Although Summer is finally here and you need some down time too 🙂

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