Allegedly summer

This summer is one of the strangest I can remember. The average temperature has definitely risen, but we’ve had a lot of rain, and almost completely missed the reliably hot, dry days that mark our normal summer season.

At least we haven’t had to water the garden nearly as much – and we’re still getting enough vegetables and strawberries to play a big part in our (admittedly not great) diet. One night this week we picked our first lettuce, and there are plenty more still at various stages, which will be ready over the days and weeks ahead.

In fact, our harvest from that day is worth a photo.

A day's harvest - lettuce, carrots, strawberries and eggs.

We have lots of good looking carrots, though some need to be thinned again. We’re only picking what we want to use, at the time we want to use them.

We’ve followed the same strategy with our potatoes, though we’ll have to harvest the rest soon, so they don’t start rotting or sprouting.

Sadly, another one of our baby chicks has succumbed to weak legs – it looks like it could have been something that went wrong in incubation, or in their genetics. Hopefully the remaining two can stay healthy long enough for their legs to develop the strength they need, and then they should be alright.

In the meantime, it’s another wet day here – another day to spend (mostly) inside. Hopefully, it’s a day to do some tiding up, cleaning, sorting and preparing for the weeks ahead.

Maybe those weeks will even bring some reliable summer sunshine.


3 thoughts on “Allegedly summer

  1. An amazing looking lettuce. Is it a Great Lakes variety? Sorry to hear about another baby chicken getting week legs. Very sad. Hope the other two survive to join your 5 hens 🙂 Your hens are still laying amazingly well 🙂 Pity about the weather but like you say, at least you don’t have to water as much :-O Keep up the good work and have a restful day today whilst you can. That is one good thing about the rain and wind :-O

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