Chicks rule

One thing I didn’t touch on last week was our adventures in raising chicks. We already have five chickens – Brown Shavers, each a couple of years old – but had the opportunity to hatch some Rhode Island Reds to potentially add to our flock.

chick-hatchingWe borrowed an incubator, and out of six eggs, four hatched (not a bad strike rate). From those four, we had to put one to sleep after (we think) it slipped tendons in its legs and we couldn’t rehabilitate it.

That leaves us with three chicks, who are becoming bigger by the day. We have a plan for any roosters we end up with, but hopefully one or two new birds will be able to join our other girls.

chicksI’m a little nervous about how they’ll fit in. Chickens aren’t nice people – they tend to dislike chickens of other colours, and will mercilessly bully those who are different, weaker or smaller than themselves. Chicken behaviour gave us both the terms ‘hen-pecked’ and ‘pecking order’ for a reason.

But right now, the new birds are cute, fluffy and seem full of the joys of new life. We’re enjoying that, and will just see where it takes us.


One thought on “Chicks rule

  1. How exciting to watch the birth of new babies 🙂 You really care about your animals. It is a credit to you. We put the chicken we saved from the cat that was chasing it, into a pen with 3 different coloured hens and we were worried about the silky mainly, because I heard that they are viicious hens. But they are all still living after a couple of weeks at least now. Our interloper is looking much stronger and healthier than when we rescued it. But it does as the silky says. The other two are not bothered by it. Keep up the good work and please let us know when you find out if there are any roosters or if you can keep them all with your flock 🙂

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