The post-Christmas garden

The post-Christmas holiday is always one of my favourite parts of the year. With a week still to go, I’ve almost completely lost track of the days, and am enjoying the opportunity to sleep in, read and (for the most part) rely on decent weather.

Around the house there’s been some decent progress, with a few more things still needing to be finished off.

We planted half a dozen new tomato plants, to replace the ones killed off early in the season by frost and wind. It’s probably a bit late to plant tomatoes now, and “too early, then too late” could end up being the epitaph for our tomato efforts this year. We’re only looking for a few handfuls of fruit from them though, so I’m hopeful we’ve done enough.

We’ve also put a dozen basil plants around the tomatoes, partly because I’d love to be able to make my own pesto, but also because they work well as companion plants.

Our strawberries are finally paying back our attention with some big, sweet fruit – at least some of which we’re managing to save from the slaters. I don’t think we’ll plant strawberries in tires again, partly because of questions about whether they might leech chemicals into the soil, but also because it’d be hard to get enough tires to fit the number of plants (and fruit) we’re looking for.

The first of our lettuces are almost ready to harvest, and my second planting of carrots will need thinning soon, too.

Inside the house, I’ve spent a lot of time reading. I’m racing through some of my backlog of fiction before getting into the two fantastic books J gave me for Christmas – Small House Living and Embrace Your Space. Both are New Zealand-centric and are simply beautiful books to look at, as well as being packed with great ideas and inspiration.

So on that note, I’ll sign off.


One thought on “The post-Christmas garden

  1. Sounds like you still have time before you go back to work. I thought it was this Monday. But more time to enjoy the better weather that we hope your tomatoes will enjoy too 🙂 I was surprised that there was no mention of the newly hatched chicks. Are you going to keep them if they end up being hens and not roosters? I bet the time has flown by as all holidays do :-O But you have some rest and some projects completed to show for it. So well done and happy reading for another week 🙂

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