Christmas feast

It’s Christmas Day today, and I’ve started 3 weeks of holiday – which I hope will involve a lot of gardening, preparation for the new year, and relaxing.

One of our goals for Christmas was to be able to supply some of the food from our own garden. In particular, I was keen to have home grown potatoes, and this week we harvested the first bag of our “Red Rascal”  crop. Weighing in at just over 1.1kg, it’s a decent contribution to Christmas lunch, and a promising omen for the other 5 bags which are still growing nicely. We spaced the planting out over about a month, so should have freshly dug potatoes through summer.

As well as the potatoes (which we’ll boil and serve with butter), I’ve made honey kumara and pavlova – the latter uses our own eggs.

While they won’t be on the table today, the lettuces I recently moved have also perked up in the last week, and it now looks like they’ll all survive the experience. To be honest, I’m surprised at how well the transplanting has worked, and another good side effect might be that the time it took them to readjust means they’ll mature a bit later, extending the harvest.

I’ve also started breaking in more ground in our main vegetable garden – it’s a tough job, but will be worth it when the decade-old grass has made way for beautiful produce. I do love having a summer project to keep me occupied!

Merry Christmas.


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  1. Happy Christmas to you and J 🙂
    What a lot you have accomplished and learned this year. The hunter gatherer mentality gives one so much satisfaction 🙂 So well done and let’s hope that 2017 gives you as much pleasure as 2016 has 🙂

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