Windswept and waiting

The first part of the week was a beautiful island of summer between days of wind and rain, weather which is making most of this weekend yet another gardening write-off.

To be fair, it’s quite pleasant to have a weekend where I can just relax, and not feel obliged to be outside. We got a few things done last weekend – including setting up another raised bed near the front of our house for pumpkins – so I don’t feel too guilty for having some down time, while the wind gently rocks the house (thankfully I haven’t felt any earthquake aftershocks for a few days).

More than all the recent rain, the wind has posed a challenge for our summer plants – we haven’t done at all well with setting up windbreaks, and this is something we’ll need to get better at. In particular, our poor tomatoes are almost dead from windburn, and I’ve got replacements in our indoor greenhouse, waiting for the weather to settle down.

Beans and tomatoes in the indoor greenhouse

Beans and tomatoes in the indoor greenhouse

Also in the greenhouse we’ve got J’s borlotti beans (grown from seed), which are almost ready to transplant. If we wet each newspaper pot before planting, we can just pop it in the ground, paper and all. It’ll be interesting to see what we can do with these if we get a good crop – I’ve never cooked with borlotti before.

Our final development this week was getting a price to have the shed on our property removed. When we bought the house, we thought the shed contained asbestos, and a lab test we had done about a month ago confirmed it. Asbestos is hazardous because the fibers never break down, and if inhaled, lead to serious breathing difficulties. To have the shed properly removed and the necessary follow-up testing done will cost about $4,000 – a lot of money, but actually a bit less than we had suspected.

So it’s been another week of trial and error – though definitely not all error. Right now we have a warm, dry, safe home, decent coffee, and most of the housework already out of the way. After our taste of summer, I’m definitely looking forward to more sunshine, but until then, I’m putting my feet up for a day and relaxing.

2 thoughts on “Windswept and waiting

  1. Good to see the green house in use 🙂 PLants in it are looking great. It is really windy here at present so I am sure that our plants in the garden will also be suffering but I wont go out to inspect them at the moment :-O I recognised J’s plants as beans but I am not sure what Barlotti beans look like so I will be interested to see when they are ready to harvest 🙂
    Sorry to hear about your shed but I guess if it is taken away, you can put something there of your choosing that you can make use of. Good luck with that when you go ahead with it.
    I wonder if you watched the rugby today since you were relaxing? Whatever you are doing, you deserve the rest after a week of paid work added to your week of housework and caring for a household 🙂 Well done and keep up the good work 🙂

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