A week, a year

It’s been a crazy week in the outside world, and I’m relieved we can retreat to our house and garden, which is providing a sense of stability amongst it all.

On top of events at home and abroad, we had more than 70mm of rain yesterday – not far off our average for the whole month of November. It seems as if, one way or another, the world is determined to throw us some challenges.

Knowing we have the capacity to even partly look after ourselves is reassuring – though in no way are we equipped for life in a post-apocalyptic scenario. The tools we’ve acquired this year (knowledge and experience, even more than physical things) have been a constant reminder that we’re all changing and growing, often in ways we wouldn’t have expected.

This week has also marked a year since we bought our property and began this journey. My parents are visiting, and it’s fantastic to show them the various pieces of progress we’ve made. There will always be more to do, but we keep taking steps forwards, and have a good long list of what we’ve achieved so far.

I often see photos of people with thriving farms, or flourishing, well-established gardens, and wonder how they manage it all. It’s definitely the work of years, but we’re well on the way.


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