(Nearly) Set for summer

There’s no escaping that Summer is on its way, and nothing is a reminder of the changing seasons quite like a garden.

This week we pulled out most of our winter kale, and planted a dozen lettuce seedlings – not enough for the whole summer, but a darn good start. I’ve got my fingers crossed for them, as well as for the carrots, which are almost ready for thinning (they’ve been growing slowly). I think the carrots have suffered from a combination of the mixed weather and our stony, lumpy soil – I’m looking forward to some gnarly looking roots, as they have to push their way through challenging ground.

All our potatoes are planted, and in various stages of growing. They’re doing much better than our first attempt, and with a bit of luck we should have home-grown spuds from Christmas to Autumn.

Our chive-ly extension to the herb garden.

Our chive-ly extension to the herb garden.

We also built a small extension to our herb garden (yes, after just a few weeks) and planted it with chives. It’s not quite as sunny a spot as the rest of the garden, but we’ll see how it goes.

We’ve both noticed how our project at the moment is almost all about what’s growing outside – there’s been little progress on projects inside the house for some time.

We tidied out our garage this weekend, and put in some shelves to organise the growing pile of garden equipment we’ve collected. The last (I think) of the boxes we’d hardly looked at since getting here have been cleared, and we’re left with probably more garage space than at any time since the moving truck pulled away from our driveway…

Anyway, there’s a lot more housework and a few other bits and pieces to do today (isn’t that always the case?!)  🙂


One thought on “(Nearly) Set for summer

  1. Wow! YOu certainly have a lot in the garden already. Even though we are in the warmer North of the Island, we have only just got our plants in. Cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes,beans, beetroot and lots of Basil to keep away the white fly.
    Your garden is looking good and I like the before and after photo of the herb area. Our herbs are an all year round thing so I didn’t mention them. But I may have to replace the parsley soon as I don’t use it enough to stop it from going to seed. But we do have a lot of parsley plants.
    Well, keep up the good work you two 🙂 There is another week next week 😉

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