The darling buds of… October

Columnar apple tree in bloom

“The darling buds of May” doesn’t really work in this hemisphere, as May is when we’re starting to brew our warm winter soups and hibernate indoors*. At this time of year, though, the promise of growth and new life is all around.

Our columnar apple tree is showing that it’s survived the winter chills (and its own re-potting), with what feels like a sudden burst of buds. Not to be outdone, our dwarf cherry tree has also done its best to bloom. They’re promising signs for the future.

Our first cherry blossoms

Not to be outdone – our first cherry blossoms

Despite this being the traditional weekend for planting many of our summer vegetables, I’m still reticent about investing too much time and energy. We had a frost this morning, which would have been hard on new veges (though it suits our remaining kale quite nicely), and a good 2 or 3 days each week are still dominated by torrential downpours.

Regardless, it’s an ideal time to prepare the soil, so I’m putting some effort into that. When we have more consistent weather – and more darling buds on our apple trees – everything will be in place to plant.


* With apologies to Shakespeare

One thought on “The darling buds of… October

  1. Love the blossom photos 🙂 Your trees are doing well and sensible not to put in your new summer garden until the weather has decided to improve and not throw you some curly days. Preparoing the ground takes time and effort and yes, it pays to spread that hard work out a bit 🙂 What is the ground like that your past 12 months plants have been in? Is it reasonably easy to dig? Look forward to seeing you guys and your lovely abode soon. Not to mention the garden we have been reading about 🙂

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