Steps forward

It’s been a week of steps forward, just in time for the official change of seasons.

After two weeks of rain, and with warmer temperatures, plant growth has taken off. It’s great to see green shoots on (almost all of) our trees, but I can’t ignore how many weeds have also appeared in the garden. Still, it’s nothing a little light work can’t fix, and I’ll soon be able to count on having time most days to get outside.

Our final fruit tree (for now) is in the ground, and my carrots in the main garden have sprung to life – even though both of these took a week or so longer than I’d hoped. If we can get the last of our potatoes planted today, I’ll be very happy.

This week we’ve also ticked off one of our main winter goals. In May, we bought a car, with the intention that at least one of us (but preferably both) would learn to drive. This seemed ambitious, but an ideal time to start, while the weather limited what else we could do around our house and garden. After passing his test this week, J is now able to drive himself (and me) around. I won’t be far behind, but need more hours at the wheel to be confident.

With that, it’s time to be out and about – the garden (and the rest of our day) awaits!


2 thoughts on “Steps forward

  1. Looking forward to Seeing your garden for ourselves when we come down your way. Won’t be for a while so still plenty of chance for things to grow. YOu have come a long way and congratulations on getting your drivers license James 🙂
    It was not only the start of garden week on Friday, but this month is bee awareness month too. Has there been any difference in your number of bees since the section above you has been cleared?
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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