Another cold snap

This week’s seen driving rain, gale force winds, sleet, hail, and one morning we even had flurries of snow. Snow is uncommon (but not unheard of) around here – the last decent dusting was about 5 years ago.

After starting to show promising signs of spring growth, the sudden cold was hard on our garden. Even though they’re still indoors, our lettuce seedlings have missed the sunlight, and I suspect they may not survive to the stage I can plant them out.

But today is another day, and I hope to start getting things back on track. Our seed potatoes are ready to plant, and the kale we left in the ground seems to have enjoyed the cold and is still going fairly strongly.

We’re also very glad all the nails in our roof were replaced before this latest winter blast – at least the indoors has stayed dry!


One thought on “Another cold snap

  1. Pity about the weather when we thought it was the beginning of Spring and safe to start our plantings. Never mind. We can’t do anything about Mother nature :-O
    Keep up the good work.
    By the way, I noticed bricks around the tree in blossom. If you weed eat around the trees, it will help stop the cord hitting the tree as that really makes a mess and damages the trees more than you would imagine. My neighbour has had that happen to her trees. Good thinking on your part 🙂

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