Digging in

Lettuce seedlingsAlmost all our small victories this week have been in the garden. Our lettuce seeds have sprouted, and are well on their way to being planted out. In preparation, I’ve broken ground on the second part of our main garden bed. This is proving considerably easier than the first, since I’m digging after winter rain, instead of in the midsummer heat. It’ll still be hard going though.

In addition to the large garden (which will ultimately have four parts), we plan to create a smaller one where we can grow a few sprawling plants like zucchini, rhubarb and pumpkins. We’ll also have a herb garden, close to the kitchen.

Yesterday we planted the first flowers by our letterbox – another area which was once garden, but has been allowed to go to grass. A couple of Petunias (“Black Cherry”) should provide good colour and interest, and still leave a fair bit of space for something else, once we see what we like. I’m fairly determined to mostly plant things which are edible, rather than solely for decoration, but in this space we agreed it’s most important to have something bright and welcoming.

Finally, our dwarf nectarine and dwarf peach trees have started bursting into flower this week. To encourage them to get more established, we aren’t planning to let either one fruit this year, but it’s lovely to see signs of spring.


One thought on “Digging in

  1. We read your blog with interest at how early Spring has sprung for you in Wellington 🙂
    Early lettuces looking promising and we know how digging a garden from scratch can be hard work. So good on you and you wont regret having a garden. The rewards are many 🙂
    Thanks for sharing.

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