One thing at a time

The days are noticeably getting longer here, but so is the list of things we’d like to do before the full heat of summer is upon us. Most of these revolve around the garden – having home grown produce on the table for Christmas is a tradition for both our families, and something we’re very keen to be able to achieve ourselves this year. That means a lot of work needs to be done, and although the sun is appearing earlier in the mornings and staying later in the evenings, there are still really only the weekends when we can make any progress together.

I read an interesting article (though I can’t recall where) from someone who’s about a year ahead of us on this journey, and the part that stuck with me is the suggestion to focus on one thing at a time. Whether that thing is becoming self sufficient in apples, growing all your own lettuces or making your household’s cleaning products, it suggested working on what’s possible in one small area, before moving on to the next thing.

After about 10 months in this house, we’re already self sufficient in eggs. Actually, we’re more than self sufficient, and haven’t even looked at supermarket eggs in months. We’ve also put the groundwork in to grow much of our fruit within a couple of years, as the trees we’ve planted come into production.

Our next step is to prepare our summer garden. It’s still a bit early to plant most summer vegetables, but we need to break in the ground, and if we can do that with enough time to have a false seed bed (a technique I learned through working with organic gardeners), all the better.

Lettuce pots

Hopefully the first step to a summer salad!

Since last Sunday’s post, we have lettuce and tomato seeds in jiffy pots on the kitchen windowsill, and carrot seeds went directly into the ground (after a good dig and an application of blood & bone).

I’ve taken an extra day’s leave from work to make this into a long weekend, and hopefully the weather will play ball and let us start preparing more garden space.


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