All jobs great and small

With a definite feeling of spring in the air, longer daylight hours and several consecutive days of sunshine, it’s been a busy week of making progress on some large jobs, and other small ones.

All the nails in our roof have now been replaced, which should stop any more leaks. This certainly wasn’t on our plan when we bought the house – but it needed to be done urgently, and as unexpected repair work goes, it wasn’t too extreme. Thinking about the amount of direct sunlight we get, and the heat that must generate on the roof, it’s surprising the seals around the old nails managed to last 60 years…

Our boarder has moved out, so we’ve tidied up the room and turned it into a combination of storage, pet playroom and command centre (a hub for organising things around the house). Judging by the amount of time the pets spend in the room, I’m sure they miss its former occupant as much as we do!

My goal for today is to get some spring vegetables in seedling trays. It’s time (I understand) to start lettuce, tomatoes and carrots from seed somewhere warm, and they are on top of my list of what I’d like to grow this summer. Rhubarb should also be planted soon, but we might need to keep that in a pot for a while, as there’s little chance of getting the new garden where we want it to live properly dug and prepared in the next couple of weeks.

Our potatoes seem to be taking a long time to chit, with very slow progress so far. More research might be needed on whether I’ve got them in the right place (it’s warm and not dark, but out of direct sunlight).

In terms of animals, Babs (one of our chickens) has had a respiratory infection and been put on antibiotics. To be honest, it’s hardly surprising after the cold weather we had, but brown shavers are hardy creatures! She’s responded very well and seems back to full strength – though the amount of medication yet to go and an egg-withholding period mean it’ll be at least another 3 weeks before we can use her eggs again.

Anyhow, it’s a new day and there’s plenty of planting to be done. Does anyone else have garden goals for the day or week ahead?


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  1. So pleased that the weather co-operated so you could get the nails changed before the next lot of rain. You certainly have done a lot to protect your investment already.

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