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For a few weeks, I’ve been tempted to write about why we’re making steps towards self sufficiency, but not attempting to go the “full monty”. Then I read this post from A Life in the Wild, which pretty much sums it up – so why not take a look at that, and add “ditto” from me…

Robin’s post also reminded me that one of the great things about this journey we’re on is that many others are also navigating the same waters – and documenting them (like we are).

Naturally, everyone’s experience is their own, and we have to be ready to adapt whatever we find to our own circumstances, land and seasons (especially the latter, given that most material is written for the northern hemisphere), but the internet still makes it easier than ever to get an overview of what’s possible, and what other people have learned from trying similar things.

It’s not possible to list all the things I’ve seen, heard and read that provided inspiration, but I will say that the books of David the Good are ridiculously interesting, and having a subscription to NZ Gardener ensures we get regular reminders of what can happen when gardens have the time and care needed to get properly established. Facebook also has fantastic NZ vegetable gardeners and NZ poultry chat groups, where questions are always welcome, and there are lots of helpful ideas on Pinterest.

Of course, a major source of advice is family and friends. Tips and tricks from people who are (or have been) actively gardening, looking after animals, renovating or even just keeping a household running are greatly appreciated.

There’s always more to see – so what else should we be looking at? If you’re a gardener, homesteader or somewhere on this journey with us, what would you recommend we read, watch or listen to? Please let us know in the comments.


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