Winter redux

Just when it started to feel like spring was taking hold, this week has seen a return to cold, wet winter. Our roof is causing more issues – it seems that more of the nails are letting water in, and we’ll need to get them sorted out as soon as we can.

We have a long list of what we’d like to achieve once winter finally loosens its grip, and it seems daunting until I think of what we managed to do in our first few months here. Inside the house, we have new carpet, two main rooms painted, gas hot water and doors that actually close, while outside we have composting and a worm farm, a vegetable garden, chickens, and painted fences. In addition to this blog (which helps me keep track of our journey), we’ve actually got a list of all the big and small things we’ve done, and what lies ahead.

Tilly - a.k.a. Woofles

Tilly – part shih-tzu, part mini-poodle, part potato

An early wakeup (thanks to Tilly – a.k.a. Woofles) this morning means I’ve had time to look over our Facebook and Twitter accounts, and make sure they’re as attractive as I can get them. I pointed out to J that 4.30 might be ridiculous-o-clock to us, but for many actual farmers, it’s a normal start time for morning milking…

We don’t have a house cow (yet!), but I do need to spend a few minutes with the chickens today. They’re still reliably producing eggs, as they have right through winter, and this week we had our first double-yolker. While it was exciting, these can be a sign that something’s not quite right, so we’ll continue to keep an eye on our girls to make sure they’re okay.

The ongoing stream of eggs means I’ve finally ordered a second batch of labels for our egg cartons. Our first print run was only 30 stickers, but people have been so helpful returning their cartons that I’ve been able to reuse them time and time (and time!) again. Our new labels will also have the address of this blog, which I hope will help start some interesting discussions.

Anyway, with a lot of housework done yesterday, and another cold wet day looking likely today, I might spend some time in the kitchen, baking. Have a great week!


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