Never a dull week

One of the things I’ve become very aware of since moving here is how every day brings with it something to be done. I doubt that’s new – I’ve always been uncomfortable letting time pass without having anything to show for it – but I do think this blog is keeping me focused on the next steps, and what I can do right now to make them happen.

It feels like things are in disarray around the house, but I know that’s just (or at least mostly) my mind balking at jobs which are still in process.  The fruit trees need to be planted today, as it’s the only fine weather we’re forecast to have this week, and our boarder is in the middle of packing (the part which looks like chaos, as everything gets pulled from storage and fitted into boxes). There are several home maintenance activities vying for our attention and funds, and over the next couple of weeks those should become a firmer set of spring priorities.

DiggerThe section behind us was cleared on Friday – it looks stark now, but will at some stage become the site of another house. It’s a little disconcerting, but we’ve registered our interest with the local council and will be kept informed. As a matter of principle, I don’t see why others shouldn’t have the opportunity we did and make their first home here, but I’m a little sad it’s already meant the loss of a great bird and bee habitat.

– G

One thought on “Never a dull week

  1. Pity your border is leaving and that the trees behind you have been cleared. But progress as seen by others often impinge on neighbours and we just have to suck it up. You seem to be philosophical about it although it doesn’t improve your situation or make one feel any better.
    You and J will miss your border and as you watch the progress that will take place there, you will get used to the situations and life will go on. You may feel sad now but it will all work out in the end. Summer will be here soon and things will look brighter for that alone. Especially in your own home 🙂

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