A wild weekend

The weather this weekend has been a fitting finale to the week just past, with rain, wind, and conditions generally wild enough to make me want to stay indoors and draw the curtains.

However, the weather gods haven’t been nearly as wild here as for another blogger I follow –Celia, over at The Kitchen’s Garden. I’ll keep this post short, so you have time to check out Celia’s amazing camera work, which has certainly given me some perspective!

It might be much rougher elsewhere, but we’ve still taken this weekend as an opportunity to batten down the hatches, stock up on food and other supplies, and enjoy being safe, warm and dry, while the weather tries (unsuccessfully, I’m pleased to say) to sweep away all our good work.

However, most of the things I mentioned last week will be accomplished once there’s a break. Regardless of the conditions outside, I should be chitting our seed potatoes (Red Rascals, which are amazing roasted, and a bit more colourful than your average spud) by the end of today.

Safely stored in our garage are a couple of nectarine trees and a dwarf apple tree, waiting for a break in the weather when they can be added to our small fruit forest. We’ve also been planning out what we’d like to put in the vegetable garden over the next couple of months, and how most of this fits into our available space. Safe to say there’s a lot more digging and soil conditioning lined up for the start of summer…

Generally, though, we’re learning a lot about our property and our priorities this winter. I expect this will all come in handy, and reinforces advice that we spend most of our first year just taking in the seasons and the conditions, before making too many permanent changes.


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