This weekend I’ve been out of my normal routine, and the week was also pretty hit-and-miss in terms of whether I managed to do all the homely things I normally would.

I’m not sure if it’s because we can see the seasons starting to turn, and suddenly the end of the darkest part of winter is in sight, or whether it’s a combination of other factors.

Our boarder is leaving in less than a month, and looking forward to being closer to town (although she will miss our animals). That means we’ll have a large room in need of a purpose, as neither of us are keen to have a stranger move in.

There are several possibilities – from a home office or storage (though we don’t have – or want – that much stuff), to a meditation space or pet playroom. We’ve also considered hosting international students, or taking in visitors who want to help us transform the garden, but are holding off on making any final decisions.

Yet despite being off my rhythm, things have continued to get done. Most notably, J has started preparing the walls in our kitchen for painting. A quick freshen-up will hopefully encourage us to spend some more time cooking and baking, and let us delay a larger kitchen renovation until we have the budget to do it really well.

J also harvested the last of our potatoes – which could be seen as a disappointing result, with less than a mouthful of actual food produced from two large buckets. However, given we started with a couple of tubers from our kitchen which were well past their ‘best before’ date, and a complete disregard for when potatoes should actually be grown, I’m a little surprised we got anything at all… Coming from our country’s potato growing capital, I feel we should be able to do better if we just pay a little attention to those kinds of details, and I’m determined to try again when the weather is right (which isn’t far away now).

I’m also focusing on small progress – planting what will almost certainly be the last of our winter vegetable seedlings (silverbeet in this case) into the main garden, and harvesting some of the winter produce both for us and our animals.

I should be spraying the fruit trees with copper, preparing those seed potatoes and finishing off our herb garden (which has been stalled since early in the year, when we discovered a wastewater pipe that’s not where it was meant to be). However, right now, I’m mostly focused on the indoor jobs – slowly getting them back on track.


4 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Having said this, I’ve now made cookies and chocolate mousse, done some weeding and general garden maintenance, and finished off all but a couple of the weekend’s household jobs. Not a bad effort, and it makes me feel a lot closer to being back on track!

  2. Good things take time and you can’t burn the candle at both ends son. You have done such a lot and you do need some down time from time to time. Getting out of routine for a while must have helped you to relax a little, (although that can be stressful itself,) and now you feel good having caught up a bit.
    Have a good week and look forward to your next weekend 🙂

  3. Overseas students could be a good option for your room. I understand about not having someone you don’t know in your home. Good luck with that as someone to help with the mortgage could be an asset. You will miss Becks for her conversation fun and helpfulness though. Transport is expensive so I understand her wanting to be closer to the city. Best of luck to you all 🙂

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