Excuse my fart egg!

Fart Egg 2A couple of weeks ago, one of our chickens laid a fart egg (also known as a ‘fairy egg’ or ‘witch egg’, but we’ll stick with what appeals most to us manchildren)… It was about the size of a 50c coin, very dark, and – we thought – heralded the start of eggs tapering off for the winter.

Apparently this was a bit of a random occurrence – probably the result of a disturbance to their otherwise normal reproductive cycle, and we cracked it open this evening to find a teeny tiny yolk inside.

Fart eggThe egg white is very thick and gloopy – it took a while to separate it from the shell – and the yolk is also quite solid, though ever so dainty.

We aren’t planning on eating the egg (we’ve seen conflicting advice online about whether fart eggs are good to eat) – but it’s interesting to see some of the variety that our chickens can produce…


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