A fruitful selection

After what feels like weeks of unceasing rain, this weekend has brought two bright and sunny (if chilly) days for us to work on the garden.

Winter means garden centers are stocking a wide variety of fruit trees, and we’ve been turning our mind to how we can make best use of our tree-friendly spaces.

Days after moving into our house, we had two large conifers removed from one boundary, which had been shading a bedroom and dropping cones everywhere.  We then set about replacing them with fruit trees that will deliver us delicious produce to eat fresh – and hopefully preserve – come summertime.

So far, we have planted or potted:

  • “Bonanza Dwarf” peach
  • “Black Boy” Peach
  • “Compact Stella” cherry (in a large pot)
  • “Crimson Spire” columnar apple (in a smaller pot)
  • New Zealand Cranberry (in an even smaller pot).

Okay, the New Zealand Cranberry is actually a bush (and really called Chilean Guava), but I’m still going to count it as if it were a tree – mainly because even the idea of homemade cranberry/guava jam makes me drool a little bit…

We also have a fig tree which has regrown after the previous owner cut it back to a stump. It produced lots of figs this year, but none ripened – we’re hoping to try them out next year and then decide whether it stays or goes.

Potential additions include nectarines, plums, feijoas, lemons, pears and blueberries (yes, that’s another bush). This is why we’re favouring dwarf varieties even though they produce less fruit – aside from reducing the amount of space each tree needs, with such a wide range, we don’t mind not having large quantities of anything in particular.

As for what else we plant, and where – I’ll keep you posted.


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