A shake and a drip

After being here almost 8 months, this week we felt our first earthquake.

It’s about time. We live in an earthquake-prone part of one of the world’s most seismically active countries – however while our ground of clay and stones might be a challenge for breaking in new garden, it does seem to dull the earth’s little trembles quite well.

Anyway, no damage was done, the animals seemed to shake it off (pun intended), and we all carried on as usual.

On what I’m sure is an unrelated point, this week also brought our first urgent home repair job. Eagle-eyed J noticed some bulging plasterboard in our hallway ceiling, and an inspection by a roofer confirmed that one of the nails in our roof was letting water seep in.  It was a quick and cheap fix, but a sharp reminder of how important it is to maintain even the parts of the house we don’t see.

We do intend to get all the old style nails replaced with something more weathertight, after having our chimney lowered (check back in a month or two, when we should have another post about that) and before the roof is painted (which is probably a year or so in the future).

Apparently home maintenance is a marathon, not a sprint.


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