Fighting the war on clutter


This week I’ve felt like I’m losing the “war on clutter” – slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) collecting things that add little to our lives or our house, but take up space, increasing the levels of clutter and stress.

We’re both interested in the tiny house movement, particularly the aspects of living within our means and making the best use of our available space. We’re not quite as keen to live close together in a very small area, or else we probably wouldn’t have chosen a generously proportioned three bedroom family dwelling for our first home…

Our interest in effectively using smaller spaces is an element we’re most likely to reflect in the garden – we hope to effectively grow a lot of food in a pretty standard sized New Zealand back yard. However just because we have space in our house, that doesn’t mean we intended to fill it with stuff.

Obviously, there are some things we, our animals and our other responsibilities mean we need. It turns out that animals and people like to be fed, cleaned and entertained, while gardening and house maintenance has seen our small toolkit expand significantly (I now know my way around a palm sander and a hand sander, and am working my way up to circular versus jig saws)…

But there’s plenty of less essential stuff that has somehow crept in, and now needs decluttering. In today’s piles to recycle or give away are several books that won’t be read again, a half dozen assorted ramekins we don’t use, and 14 pairs of disposable chopsticks.

There are containers of soil that need to be returned to the garden (along with their failed seedlings), and old cardboard boxes that the cats have grown tired of, and can be either recycled or composted.

Not much will go to waste – we’re reasonable at avoiding inorganic, unrecyclable rubbish (though there’s always room for improvement) – but having a good sort through makes for a relaxing weekend, and hopefully a more settled week ahead.

Do you occasionally need to make a concerted effort to get rid of stuff, or do you avoid collecting things? Do you have any particular techniques you use? Please feel free to share in the comments.


One thought on “Fighting the war on clutter

  1. Welcome to our world 😉 Wait until you have been somewhere as long as we have (36 years in this house), and you will know what clutter really is 😉 Actually, we intend to leave it for the person who comes into the house when they cart us off 😉 Am I joking?

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